Timber Decking

High quality timber decking for your garden in Bournemouth

Timber Decking
“Southern Yellow Pine Structural Timber… that lasts”

Timber decking in Bournemouth and Poole have been built by Peter Killen Landscape Designs since the late 80’s using Southern Yellow Pine Timber and timber decking which is treated through to the core to of the timber for a long lasting life. The first deck built nearly 30 years ago in old town Poole is still in use and helps to promote the resale of apartments and many other decks we have built still give joy and relaxation many years later.

The decks are from a renewable source and the trees that were replanted to replace those of my first deck are nearly ready for harvesting for your new deck. Helping to lock in more carbon to aid climate change!

Deck substructures are continuously changing and the longevity goes up with price. By good construction design one can get the most out of the currently available substructures to suite budget and life expectancy.

Softwood decks should still be the most preferred deck to own as it is much more environmentally friendly than composite, plastic and hardwood decking. Tropical hardwoods take centuries to replace and the end life of plastic and composite decks will be difficult to dispose at the end of their useful life.

Timber Decking Bournemouth

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Timber Decking
“Years of service with little need for aftercare”

A properly built timber deck will give years of service with little need for aftercare, the natural wood is warm under foot in the winter and not scorching hot in the summer. Plastic and composites can be too hot to sit or stand on in summer. Raised decks are brilliant on sloping sites or around new build houses that need a terrace. This type of situation is a no brainer as most paved and walled terraces will settle and need relaying also the cost of filling in and building retaining walls is much more expensive than a raised deck on posts.

We have decks on the side of Christchurch Harbour Poole Harbour overlooking the Olympic sailing centre and Chesil beach from Portland, in many gardens in East Dorset, beside rivers and in ponds, overlooking Bournemouth Gardens and one of the Chines near Canford Cliffs.

There are decks in most parts of England designed and built by Peter Killen. I look forward to creating your dream deck possibly with Seats, Balustrades, Steps, or even a cantilever construction. Enjoy that glass of wine resting on the flat top of the Balustrade overlooking your property or scenic view.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting goes hand in hand with decking and brings another dimension to the use of your garden. Minimal lighting can make a big difference to your overall garden experience.

Highlighting Certain trees and shrubs can create a magical feeling and bouncing off the façade of your house brings extra luxury and relaxation to your garden life!

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