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To bring sound and life into your garden a water feature is a must. Not only is it great to attract wildlife into your garden with the birds using it as a base to drink from, but they will also help to eat some of the unwanted pests. You may also be lucky enough to attract a newt and tadpoles. The sound of running water is very calming and may help to block out noises from outside the garden.

“Great for attracting birds and wildlife to your garden”
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You may want to consider one of these options:

  • A pool or pond for fish or wildlife
  • A bubbling rock or monolith
  • Water wind chimes
  • Waterfall for a sloping garden
  • Reflective water near your house
  • A pool filled from your roof and extra natural water storage for your garden
  • Japanese water garden
Having a pool near the house or conservatory can bring the garden and sunshine into your property with the potential of a natural waterfall from your roof on wet days.

Why not make your garden look more creative by adding a rockery?

At Peter Killen Decking and Landscape Designs we can add rockeries to create an additional feature to your garden

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“Creating interest in many parts of the garden”

Rock gardens are a great way in creating interest in many parts of the garden. We can add a range of plants which make your rock garden a success. From small alpine plants to dwarf shrubs and flowers for a vibrant display of nature and colour.

The rock garden or bank may be enhanced by including a ‘dry river bed and swallow hole’ or rock outcrops and stepping stones may be used to break up a plain gravel garden.

A good rock garden is:

  • In scale with the surrounding area
  • In scale with the plants used in the garden
  • The rocks should be laid following a natural rock bed formation
  • The rocks should all dip slightly backwards to help retain water

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