Challenging Gardens

Challenging Gardens tackled in Bournemouth

Peter Killen has been designing and building gardens for many years and he always relishes a challenging garden.

Killen Landscapes
“Give me a challenge and I should be able to create a solution for your garden.”

A small garden can be as equally challenging as a large one on a Capability Brown scale, but may be harder due to trying to fit in features or block out modern day sounds. The shape may be strange and the slopes very steep. Your house may be over shadowed by your garden which may need to be pushed back and retained.

We have built steps down to a river reduced steep driveways reflected light into the back of a dark building and created good access to a new conservatory with a large drop.

Whatever the challenge Call Peter Killen on 01425 475160 and end up with a smile on your face when the solution is brought to reality!